Monday, November 23, 2009


last weekend we got to go down to texas to see my brother-in-law graduate from pilot training. and not just any pilot training, but the 'euro-nato joint jet pilot training'. he's in the air force and was accepted to this elite training base. they've been there for 18 months and he's been working his butt off. and it was pretty amazing to see what he does. thanks for having us, and thanks julie for watching lily! (it was our first vacation away from her!)
sarah tried on the parachute (smaller of the two they wear). i wanted to try it but i was exempt due to my current condition!
thompson, my step-dad, is a retired pilot. he flew fighters in the air force then flew for delta. he was in his element when he heard he would be able to fly the simulators.
buz taking off on the runway. he made it up without crashing! he didn't try to land it.
my brother-in-law, will, sitting in the t-38. that's the last jet he trained in. can't you tell he loves what he does?
standing in front of the t-38. we also got to stand out in between the two runways and watch the planes take off and do touch and go's, and we watched them take off in formation too (that's two or more planes taking off right next to each other at the same time...scary!)
t-38's all lined up and ready to fly
this is the t-6, the first plane they fly at enjjpt. they fly this (and the t-38) solo and in formations. a little too intense for me!
sarah and will, after he's had his wings pinned on. thompson got to pin his wings on since he also received his wings in the air force.
my family (don't mind my sorry attempt at not looking too pregnant when really the skirt was hiked up to my boobs and i still couldn't zip it up!)
congrats will! i can't believe you actually get those machines up in the sky and do those crazy things! thanks for having us!

a sad look...

at halloween. this is the only picture i captured of lily. we were having such a good time taking her around and watching her catch on to the idea, that i never thought to pull out the camera. she was a really cute kitty cat. she really enjoyed throwing the candy into her bag!
thanks to courtney for painting her face for us!