Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer in Review

Lily had a mother's day preschool program.  These three girls were peas in a pod.  So cute!

We had an impromptu photo shoot one morning.  Crazy little kidlets.  Love them!

 Lily's preschool fieldtrip to Wheeler Farm.  She learned so much her first year of preschool, she can read, write, and sound out each letter of the alphabet, and she's putting together three letter words.  Thanks Miss Marilyn and Miss Debi!
 Lily and I went on a date to Cold Stone and to purchase her a new pair of TOMS.

 One morning while getting ready I heard clanking down in the kitchen.  I leaned over the ledge and asked Lily what they were up to.  "We're just eatin' butter!"  No joke.
 I had my high school 10 year reunion!  Oh how time flies.
 We blessed our sweet Nixon on June 17th, Father's Day.  Always such a special day.
 The Olson Family Reunion in Zions.  What a blast spending time with cousins and more extended family!  We love to get together!

 We headed down to California at the end of July.  We visited the Reagan National Library, and toured his Air Force One.
 We took a ferris wheel ride on the Santa Monica Pier.
 We spent another week in Oceanside and enjoyed ice cream at Ruby's on the end of the pier.  Always a fun treat!

 Lily started Pre-K.  She's in Miss Leslie's class and is so excited to learn and get ready to go to Kindergarten.

 Nixon started rice cereal and LOVES it.  He gets really frustrated if it's not a steady stream of food.  You can't shovel it in fast enough!

 Labor Day Weekend was spent at my parents' cabin in Star Valley, Wyoming.  Always fun to be outdoors and spend time with SO MANY cousins!

 Pictures out of order:  My sleeping baby.
 Buz and I at dinner in Zion's.