Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't You Just Love Going To The Doctor?

I do! Especially when you get to see this...
9 weeks down, 30 weeks to go...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Do They Do This To Me?

Anyone been to Babinski's lately? Well, I was in there the other day and I saw a whole collection of these.

Different styles and colors too. And they range from sizes 1 to 6. Uh oh. Buz better hide my wallet come spring! (Not so practical for our upcoming snow!)


On a side note, I had Lily's 18 month pictures taken. These two are my favorites, but there's lots of good ones!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

18 months

So, we went to the doctor on Tuesday. Here's the latest:
-Height: 31.1 inches - 33%
-Weight: 20 lbs even!!!!! - 3%
Our doctor was thrilled that Lily is actually a little more on the charts than she ever has been!
What she's up to
-She LOVES babies. She has a hard time keeping the clothes on them though. We'll work on that!
-She's talking up a storm, tells me all the time "Daddy verk (work)" "nigh-nigh" "I lova too" "Mommy shair?" (wants me to sit next to her). She says help when she needs it, says hello and bye bye and waves, blows some serious kisses, asks for specific books, and tonight for the first time she told me what was going on in a specific page of a book. A genius I tell ya!
-When she gives kisses she says "muah!"
-She is on the move! I can't keep up! She's constantly asking to dance, and she's particular as to the music. That can make it interesting!
-She thinks I'm hilarious! I love it!
-Since Buz has gone back to work she's waking up with him. Not something I'm so fond of. Hopefully she'll adjust soon. She's also deciding that an hour and a half is sufficient for nap time. SLEEP, KID!!! I liked the 2 1/2 to 3 hours of napping I used to get!


We really haven't been up to much, but we've been around town a little.
This is Lily and her Great Grandma Jerry. At Grandma's house there's a little red chair with a blue and white gingham cushion that has always been in her kitchen as long as I can remember. Lily likes to sit in it, and she tells Grandma "shair" (how she says chair) and makes her sit next to her. It's so cute!
We took advantage of $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point a couple of times. We visited the dinosaur museum that ended up being more of a reason to get out of the house than entertainment for the kids. Oh well!
We are now members of Discovery Gateway! Here we have Dr. Slaugh and Capt. Hansen ready to go rescue someone in the helicopter! If you haven't been to the children's museum, you should check it out, and I'll go with you!
A week after Buz started work (yay!) his company took us to the zoo. It was a little hot, but really fun. Lily liked the ice cream best, I think she's still a little young to really enjoy the zoo. However, the ice cream was probably my favorite part too!
Who doesn't love a good bath time pic?
Lily's ready for winter! We searched and found a pair of snow boots just her size! Well, they're a 4, so that's still a size too big, but thick socks should do the trick! We found her some great show pants at Kid to Kid too, so she's ready to go sledding!
She loves to get into her toy box.
This is what happens when Daddy works late. We eat mac n cheese for dinner! Lily's really into feeding herself. Whatever...
Last but not least, this is what I get when I ask for a smile!
small side note-we're growing her bangs out, sorry for all the hair in the face.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had every intention of updating my blog today, and I can't seem to find my camera. Sorry, but I'm looking hard!