Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and on to march

my daddy's birthday was in march. i crammed the kids into the back of my car and we were off on an adventure. it was fun talking to the kids about their grandpa who i know loves them very much. lily, however, was a little confused since she has grandpa thomspon, and papa lee, along with my dad, grandpa lee. quite the confusing combo!
and p.s. zoe's hair is starting to curl. yay!

february recap

lily got to build her first snowman of the year! it took this long to get a good sticky snow and a daddy home at the right time! she was in heaven!
mid-february zoe finally decided she wanted to try out crawling!
cute girlies playing a little game of candyland. please stay friends forever;)
lily's outfit for valentine's day. at least she got the idea of pink and love. such a fashoinista!

three big ones

ok, here it goes. deep breath in, deep breath out. time to update the blog.
my baby turned three. i can't believe it. my little teeny tiny five pound baby is now a not so huge, little girl. she'll talk your ear off for hours, she's got gazillions of imaginary friends who keep her going all day. she loves her little sister, loves her daddy, and lucky for me, loves her mommy too! i'm so lucky i get to be her mommy and watch her grow every day. love you lou!
we spent lily's birthday at classic fun center. yep, the place we all went in elementary school anticipating the "snowball" in hopes that we got to hold a boy's hand! the kids got to spend some time in the bounce zone then stuffed their guts with pizza. this is the only pic we got of the occasion. too much fun!
the stats:
weight: 26.68 lbs (1%)
height: 36.42 in (36%)
nothing's really changed in her stats. she's a bean pole.
lily loves to tell her daddy "i love you really really much, dad!"
she has one imaginary friend named bud. he's not such a good kid. i keep trying to convince her she would benefit from a more obedient friend! he's always getting her into trouble!
lily loves a hangumer from mcdonald's, and still can out eat me just about any meal of the day.
happy 3 baby.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

its coming...

here's my excuse for the loooooong hiatus on my blog: my husband is a c.p.a. and tax season is in full swing. that means from before sun up to after sundown, it's just me and my girls. i really can't imagine how you amazing single moms do it! no time for blogging (ok, right now they're both asleep after a rough night and a long ride home from jerry's) but i've been trying to keep up on picture taking.
so, it's coming. a lot of updating.
don't forget...taxes are due april 18th!