Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoo Pass

Really excited. Really. A zoo pass is our year's entertainment, and I'm planning on using it rain, snow or shine. Who wants to go? I can get you in free.....

Friday, August 26, 2011


The morning of orientation, Lily was excited and ready to go. This is exactly the moment I woke her up to get ready.
She had to have a little photo shoot before we were off, even though it wasn't the "official" first day.
Oh that face. So sweet.
And that one too!
This is the actual first day, after class. She looks a little tired, and I think she actually napped that day!
The second day of school, Lily and her bestie Elsie.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to Louisiana

What's the best way to celebrate you're sister's 30th?! Shopping, shopping, shopping! I was lucky enough to fly back to Louisiana, SANS KIDS, and spend the weekend with my sister, shopping and celebrating her day.
We were on the hunt for depression glass plates, because why not? Everyone needs a set or two!
Sarah introduced me to a Southern delight, beignets. YUM. Kind of like a scone. Double YUM.
Our spoils from our first day's trip: we drove from Shreveport to Monroe, then stopped in Rustin, Arcadia and Minden on our way back.
Opposites attract! Oops!
My flight left late Monday, so we decided to drive to Jefferson, Texas to see what else we could find. The drive did not disappoint.
We ate at a little cafe that made their sandwiches on cornbread. A little different, but really good.
Thanks for letting me share your birfday with you, can't wait to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So last night Lily tripped on the carpet and hit her head on the wall. Buz went to the rescue, kissed it better, then said:
"Hold me, Lily. Hold me!"
To which Lily replied:
"No Dad, I'm the one that's crying!"
I seem to forget the silly things Lily says, and she packs them in every day. I must document more.

Friday, August 12, 2011

One Huge Summer Post

I have this one friend, (rachel),she's amazing. And her blog is always so put together, she is a great writer...I could go on and on. I'll always want my blog to be like hers, but that's just not going to happen. So here's my huge pictures with dorky captions!
Zoe's decided she wants to poop on the potty. Fine with me!
We spent the 4th of July weekend up at my parent's home in Star Valley, Wyoming.
Our friend Chloe had a birthday bash at the Canyons water feature at Liberty Park. Worth the visit for sure.
Lily tried out tumbling for a couple months. She loved it, we're debating whether to sign her up or not, considering she's about to start PRESCHOOL!
Lily and Paige took a session of swimming lessons together.
We spent the 4th of July weekend back up in Star Valley. Always a nice treat!
My mom had a word with the thistles.
Lily had her sharp eyes out with her "nocalers" watching for baby deer. Our first day there she spotted one that really looked like it was a day old.
Lily's also been working on her funny faces. She asks me all the time to capture her latest, then critiques herself. Always improving!
More swim lesson pics. The 4th fell in between our two weeks of lessons. On the last day they got to do this...we're so proud of our brave little chica!
We got to go to Flaming Gorge with Buz's dad's side of the family. The Hanni's are always so generous to have us all!
Poor Dave, he could only hack the 5 foot drop. He needs to work on his style and grace, don't you think!
The rafting group:
Random to be in the bathtub, but this is Lily's very first drawing of something looking like anything. Not to bad I might add!
We've had lots of Sunday naps.
My brother and his family, and my sister, came in town at the same time. It was so neat to have all of my siblings together to visit my dad's grave. We sat around and told the kids about their Grandpa Lee and about how we get to be forever families.
Last but not least, we spend a weekend in Bear Lake with Buz's mom's family.
Such a great summer, and I'm looking forward to a warm fall!