Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so long for now

i thought i'd get one last post in before the internet co. comes and takes my connection to the outside world away.
buz has been working and working. and working. in fact its 8:30 in the pm and he's finally on his way home. i guess that's what you get when you're married to the tax guy. so, not much has been going on around these parts. but i do have some randoms of my sweet little girl. and when i say sweet, i really mean it, even though she is two and determined to define it the best way possible.
here i am in all my glory. i tried smiling in a few pictures, but that was no use. just picture what i usually look like, but swollen. big nose, big lips, big double chin... so i'm 36 weeks along and had the joyous "in depth" appointment today. i'm already to a 2 1/2 and 80% effaced, which is way more than i could ever say with lily, so we'll see if this little one has a time table all her own!
am i ready? probably not. i'll find out in the next few weeks. but i did go a little out of control on the nursery, trying my hand at sketching/painting this massive tree onto the nursery wall. i think it turned out pretty cute. and just picture the frame sitting on the swing (that's what that hanging ribbon is supposed to be) with a darling picture of my two girls in it.
some of you may be confused. all along this baby's name has been betsy. but a couple of weeks ago, after i had already purchased a giant "b," buz informed me that wasn't her name. this is what he chose. and i like it, so now we're just waiting and waiting for little zoe to arrive!
on a different note, and not to be ignored, i just need to let everyone know that
buz passed his last CPA exam!!!!!!
he worked so hard and studied non stop since last july, and the work paid off. he passed all four on the first try. good job babe!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i'm not too sappy of a person, but i just needed to mention one thing. nine years ago today buz and i went on our first date. i can't believe how fast time really has flown by, and it's been such a fun ride! here's what went down:
it was my junior prom, he was a senior. we were friends, and had known each other for four years already. i won't get too detailed, but i ended up insisting he take me to prom. so, that night, a knock on the door, a clever little riddle to solve, and the date was set! we had our first kiss that night (just a peck, i'm a lady!) and decided we really liked each other. now, i'm not gonna say that i didn't dump him once or maybe even twice, but i had to make sure. and i wrote while he was on his mission, when i wasn't busy dating. like i said. i had to be sure. but then he came home and things just worked out. thank goodness! i can't imagine my life without buz and all the extras that come with being married to him (like my cute little girl and the one about to arrive!)
i have pictures of our first date but i'll be honest, i'm too lazy at the moment to scan them in to my computer to post them. maybe i'll bet to it one day, but don't count on it.
on a side note, we've decided to get rid of the internet. so you probably won't see so many posts coming (not that i post a lot anyway) but i'll be sure to update you when the new little one comes and every now and then when we steal the internet from our parents.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a visit from a caterpillar

some say i go a little overboard. i say it was to keep me from being overly bored! lily loves the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle, so that was the inspiration for her big birthday bash.
last year i made a "1" for lily's pictures and loved it so much i thought i'd do it again.
the party hat, an essential. one of lily's favorite books talks about a party hat, and she was so excited to have one of her own!
favors...i made coloring books and crayon holders for each of the kidlets.
for the cake i made a bundt cake, cut it in half, and cut one of the halves in half again. then out of a 6" round cake i cut the head and the last section on the end. buz and i had lots of fun experimenting with the frosting, it turned out a little interesting, but i loved it!
we started out with my mom, a 2nd grade teacher, reading the story to the kids. she did such a great job, thanks mom!
we did a bean bag toss and had a coloring table, but we forgot to take pictures of that. (thanks to tabitha for taking pictures, without her we wouldn't have any!) then lily opened presents and the kids were all so anxious to help open, of course! i think at one point i ended up under the table as they were inching closer and closer...
lily (buz) did such a good job blowing out her candles, and she actually liked wearing her party hat. success!!
my mom gets all the grandkids a rocking chair/horse for their 2nd birthdays. lily was in heaven, and loves to rock her babies and bunny in her chair. thanks!
we went to the doctor today, and lily weighs a whopping 22.8 lbs clothed. she's made it up into the 7th percentile, which is higher than she's ever been! she's also in the 12th percentile for her height, so the doctor is quite proud of how well proportioned she is. she's our little munchkin, as we've always known, but she's healthy and happy and we're so blessed to be her parents. happy birthday beans!

party day pics

my baby is 2. really? 2? it's too big too soon. but she's just so dang cute that it's ok. we took her out the morning of her birthday party to snap some shots in her party dress that i'm in love with.
i just love how she's clinging onto buz's hand so tight.

build a bunny

friday morning lily got to go to build-a-bear with grammy for her 2nd birthday! i got to tag along to take pictures, but i was not in charge!!! lily got to saunter down the mall all by herself.
she picked out this shirt to wear for the day. she knows what it means too!
it took her quite a long time to choose an animal, and grammy actually ended up choosing the bunny for her. she helped add the stuffing.
testing out the stuffing-just floppy enough to love.
she finally got into the process when it was time to put in the heart(s). this bunny probably has 7 or 8 hearts inside.
she gave her a bath
but wouldn't decide on any clothes. we escaped with a pair of slippers and a make-up kit she uses for herself! she insisted on carrying the box all the way out.
i guess she was a little tired by the time we got to the doors, but she did drag it through the parking lot all the way to the restaurant.
thanks for a great day grammy! we had lots of fun!