Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dentist, etc.

I finally took Lily to the dentist. She's a little overdue, but I was pretty sure she had a pretty healthy mouth. No cavities! She was sooo brave! However, the dentist did comment that her baby teeth are so tight (no surprise there!) that we should probably start saving for braces now! Yikes!
Sweet little munchkin.
Buz and I got to go to a gala for his work, it was fun to dress up (and go shopping in Hailey's closet!) and have a fancy night out!


Ok, so Buz didn't actually participate in LOTOJA officially, but he did ride the last 60ish miles with his dad and our sister-in-law's dad. We passed them up Snake River Canyon and met them at the finish line.
Buz is in the Utes jersey.
Lee. He officially rode this same leg last year and it's been killing Buz that he's never ridden it.
Craig has the bright yellow shoes on.
Our sister-in-law's brother, Teal, did ride. The WHOLE thing. And he took 4th in his cat. And he's only 19. He's amazing. Congrats Teal! He's on the far left in the white.
My mom was kind enough to open her home in Wyoming for us all to crash at, and it's a fun little weekend trip to get in the spirit. If you've ever been to a bike/run/tri/whatever race, you know the spirit. Thanks again mom!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Utes and the Zoo

We went to the zoo Saturday morning, the first time Buz has gone with us on the pass. It was so much fun to hang out as our little family. All in red, of course, because the game was that night. Which Buz got to go to. And not me. But I'm ok, really.