Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Someone had a birthday!

my baby. she's one. i can't believe how time flies, and i should know better considering she's not my first. but time really does fly right by.
i had to get an early start to the preparations. this party's theme:
a bedtime story!
our first attempt at a fondant cake. nothing too fancy. but it was darling. thanks to the help of my husband, of course!
lily liked to pretend the tent was a rapunzel tower and would lay on the table.
her invitation was a little booklet with a story inside telling about her upcoming birthday party.
the cheapest favors out there. thanks ikea and target dollar bin!
my little munchkin on her birthday!
all the kids came dressed in their jammies. i was planning on reading stories they brought but we ran out of time.
and on to the cake. no hesitation there. this girl has just as sweet of a tooth as her mommy!
thanks to all who came!
more cake, cause you can't with hold chocolate cake on your birthday.
please note: i have an obnoxious brother in law who had to show off his ripped abs for the pic. sorry if you're offended;)
happy birthday my zoester!
weight: 17.2 lbs (2%)
height: 28.35 in (22%)
head: 16.75 in (4%)
zoe's little personality is really starting to develop and its so funny to watch. she's always been pretty calm and quiet. until now. she's still pretty calm, but if she wants something, she really lets you know. really. really loudly. it's pretty funny. and she's starting the tantrums. throwing herself on the floor, arching her back tantrums. hilarious. the hilarity will wear off soon, i'm sure. but why not enjoy it for now?
she sleeps 12 hours a night, usually 7 to 7.
she eats like a horse, usually out eating lily, which is hard to do anyway.
she naps twice a day, but i'm fearing that's going to be changing in the near future.
she says: "mama," "dada," bounces her whole body up and down to answer yes, and is starting to learn, "papa," and i swear just today she said, "hot dog," which she's pretty fond of.
no walking on her own, but she'll push a toy or hold on to your hands and go. any day now. maybe.
she's got two teeth on top and two on bottom. they're taking their sweet time which is quite unfortunate for her. a long and uncomfortable change.
her hair is starting to curl just like lily's did, which is really fun. i like it a lot.
lastly, she's happy, funny, and laughs at all my jokes. what mom doesn't like that?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The South

the last week of march was a busy time in our lives. buz worked A LOT. so i worked up my courage, packed up myself and my girls, prayed to successfully fly standby. we did it! we made it to louisiana after only being denied one flight. it was a long overdue visit to my most favorite sister in the whole entire world. and will too. we like him a lot too.
did you ever ride on car jacks as a kid? i did!
this makes me laugh out loud! a somewhat familiar look for sarah (she has sensitive eyes, ok?) but it looks like it's in the genes!!!!
i know she's mine. lots. of. frosting.
not your average slow cooker
my housewarming gift (to be continued when sarah pulls back out all the crap to finish set 2)
thanks for letting us take up your spring break! and thanks for being patient with two little demanding pipsqueaks. we miss you lots! now its your turn to visit us!
oh and p.s. i know this post is a little heavy on the lily pics. but someone had a birthday, we'll make up for it when i get time to post again. at the rate i'm going, who knows when that will be.