Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I just had to post this picture, I think it's so darling.

Monday, June 23, 2008

More Surgery for Me!

So, I finally went to the doctor today.  For those of you who don't know, I have chronic cryptic tonsillitis, which I wouldn't recommend looking up online.  It's not so glamorous.  Since I've quit my job and Buz is self employed, we have been having the fun time of obtaining private health insurance.  It's not really so fun.  Buz and Lily were picked up no problem, but I was denied.  All because of my stupid tonsils.  So, Friday I am going under the knife, yet again, to get my tonsils out.  It doesn't sound too bad, the surgery only takes 10-15 minutes, recovery is 10 days.  But from what I've heard, it's a hellish 10 days.  Like, the most horrendous sore throat you can imagine.  Yipee!  I don't think anyone should have to have surgery twice in 4 months.  And yes, Friday is the 27th, and Lily was born February 28th, so it is within 4 months.  If anyone is bored and wants to come eat ice cream with me over the next 2 weeks, let me know!  Also, if anyone wants to sub a primary class...!!!
p.s. If you could keep me in your prayers too, I am a little nervous.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lily's New Trick

That's right, she can roll over!  She's really been able to do it since she was 10 weeks old and can roll in both directions! (We have video to prove it, even though my Mom doesn't believe the video is real--go figure!).  She's gotten so fast at rolling that tummy time doesn't last very long.  I can't believe how big she's already gotten!
Don't you just love a baby in a onesie?  I guess my baby is a rag muffin all the time, because yes, she did wear just this onesie to bed last night, after wearing it all day yesterday.  She's been in it all day today, and I am about to put her to bed in it again!  Does anyone else do this?  I always pictured myself being a mom who got ready every day, dressed her little girl up everyday...yeah right, like that happened.  Reality is, it's more chill to just hang out in our jammies and comfy clothes all day.  But don't worry, I still shower!

Happy Anniversary!

I just wanted to let Buz know that I love him so much and the past three years have been an absolute blast!  He's the best husband I could imagine.
For our anniversary, he got "us" an iMac.  Since Buz is going to be starting the Master's program in the fall, and more so going to school full time, he is going to have the lap top all the time.  So, now I have a computer at home.  This is why my posts are so weird.  I'm still trying to get used to the Mac functions rather than the regular PC.  I can't figure out how to rotate my wedding pictures I wanted to post, so we'll have to do without!  Please bare with me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

One of my friends had this tag on her blog; I thought it was a fun idea. Google your answers, and post the first relevant picture that comes up.
Pet Name: Smoky Pants
Favorite Treat: Sugar Cookies with Frosting
Place I'd Like to Live: San Diego
Place I'd Like to Visit: Outer Banks, North Carolina
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Age: 24 Major: Marriage, Family, and Human Development Favorite Vacation: TIE between Honolulu and a Cruise through the Baltic Worst Habit: Popping My Knuckles! I tag anyone who wants to play. Try it, it's fun!