Saturday, April 25, 2009

it's gonna be good

My cute friend I met when we lived in our newlywed apartment is holding this massive yard sale, along with some of her friends.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome.  Trust me, I've seen her house.  And she's always dressed to the 9's.  Anyone want to ride up with me?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


so, i'm a good mom, at least i like to think so.  for the most part, we go about our days with not too much hoopla; lily and i are both pretty laid back, and i bet some think i'm a little too lax in my parenting.  well, today, they were right.  i was out on the front porch enjoying the warm weather watching lily play in the mulch when i noticed my day lilys (the flowers, not my daughter) needed a little trimming.  the fronds from last year were withered away, so i thought i would clean them up.  in the mean time a rather large rollie pollie strolled out of the mulch.  i showed it to lily, what kid doesn't think they're the neatest bug out there?  she thought it was quite intriguing.  back to the trimming.  i keep pulling out the dead fronds, and a huge, juicy spider jumps out of the mulch.  sick.  so, i go about attempting to kill it, it was one of the jumpy kinds.  yuck.  finally, success!  then, as i'm trying to scoop it up with something, i hear a crunch from behind me.  now, i know lily is less picky than i when it comes to her appetite, but seriously, does she need to try this as a delicacy?  i scream, pinch her cheeks together, and out comes mr. potatoe bug, with a severe dislocation right across his mid section.  sorry mr. bug.  i ran lily inside, put a pea-sized amount of flouride-free (told you i'm a good mom!) toothpaste on my finger and cleaned out her mouth.  then i thought it might be wise to wash my hands first since i had been trimming the plants.  oh well.  my aunt always told me "god made dirt so dirt don't hurt."  i believe god made bugs too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Friend Peter

That's right, we had a visit from a good old friend, Peter Cottontail!  (aka the Easter Bunny)
Checkin out the loot--Lily got some toys for the beach (we're headed there this summer) and sidewalk chalk.  She also got a bunch of V Chocolates.  Obviously Peter didn't remember that Lily gets sick from chocolate, so Mommy and Daddy sacrificed and ate it for her!
The Dress.  My aunt got this for Lily last year, and I was afraid it wouldn't ever fit her, being so small and all.  But, since she's pretty normal for height, it was perfect!!!
For the feast we headed to our sister-in-law's parents home.  This is what I took (minus the bananas on the outer ring, they don't get cut until we serve it)  Yum!!  Thanks Buchi's!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 Year Stats...a little late!

Lily went to the doctor right before we headed to California. Here's the current stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz - we're back on the charts at a whopping 1%!!!!
Height: 29 inches
Head: 17 inches
Lily has been all over the place, walking and even trying to run! It's pretty funny. She just broke her 3rd tooth on the bottom, and those molars look pretty nasty, they're starting to get red and puffy. She's starting to repeat words, she says "hello," "socks," "shoes," "light," "tub," "ball," "mama," "dada," "papa," and is starting to distinguish "maama" (for grandma) and can tell you what a dog, kitty, elephant and monkey says! She sleeps between 12 and 13 hours at night, but we're trying to figure out a good napping schedule. We stopped giving her a bottle, she used to go right back to sleep in the morning for a couple of hours after her bottle. Now she's up for the morning and is deciding if she needs two short naps or one long one. I'm praying for the one long one!

Friday, April 10, 2009

PLEASE check this out!

I was searching online looking for a helmet to fit Lily so that she can go on bike rides with us, I came across this little number.  I don't know how to post a YouTube video onto my post, but PLEASE link, this is HILARIOUS!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lily De La Hoya

she could take you