Friday, July 30, 2010

pioneers settled in wyoming too? no way!

Over the 24th we headed to Wyoming for a little time out, and hung out at the festivities “in town” watching the local band Quiksand and touring the museums.

oh that face.

Big girl trying to figure out the more complicated things in life.

Buz had training in Phoenix - yep, Phoenix in July, there’s nothing better! - so off he went and we stayed to enjoy the rest of our time.

My aunt and uncle now have a place in the same area, so we went to feed their horses Quincy and Clancy one night. This is Quincy.

We hiked to Intermittent Springs, which isn’t so intermittent at this time of year. Of course Lily just threw rocks into the water!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zoe Update

Time seems to fly by so unbelievably fast she’s already three months! So, here’s the stats from her 2 months appointment:

Height: 22 inches – 35th percentile

Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz – 26th percentile

Head: 4th percentile – she gets that from buz, poor thing:)

She’s a bit bigger than lily was, but that’s not saying much. She’s already sleeping 10-12 hours and night and has been for quite a while. She’s smiling and cooing and just lighting up our every day. Lily’s pretty nice to her, with just the occasional light love tap on the head to see how I’ll react. Oh well, that too shall pass.

Lily Update

I just have to write down the cute things she says before I forget them. Her vocabulary is ever expanding and I laugh every day at the way she tests words to find out what they mean, and the pronunciation attempts are hilarious!

Libble dit: little bit

Pocolos: popsicles

She mixes up her f’s and s’s. My favorites are “slip slops” for flip flops and things like the “itsy bitsy fider”

She adds “all day” to just about every sentence

She started saying “Zoe Lou” a while ago and I think it’s stuck. I love little nicknames!

If I ask her a question it will undoubtedly start with either “well…” or “cause…”

Monday, July 19, 2010

Flaming Gorge

We were so lucky to spend the weekend up in Flaming Gorge with Buz's family. We went to raft/float down the Green River, and had such a blast!
We tented in the "backyard" woodsy area behind the cabin. Zoe was such a champ.
Kennady and Dan. They look nice and all, but Dan can do some serious drenching with a 5 gallon bucket. Next time Dan, next time...
Buz's mom was so nice to stay behind and watch the little ones. Thanks Julie!
Our little 5 man raft. And in case you were wondering, that is 6 year old Sloane in the middle! This was her "best birthday ever!!"
The whole rafting group. We're all soaking wet, including the grannies - such good sports-, due to our never ending water fight.
Katie, Isabell, Sloane, Dani, and Kennady
How can you resist?
Lily took a ride on Shamu.
Then decided she'd do what she loves best-throwing rocks and...
covering herself in mud!
Thanks for the great weekend Hanni's, we loved it!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a visit from a friend

Carsyn and Zoe
Thanks for coming! See you soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Silver Lake

My brother is the outdoorsy type, and I wish I was more. There’s just something in me that doesn’t think of the mountains as my first form of entertainment when I’m looking for something to do. But, he suggested a walk around Silver Lake up at Brighton and it sounded great to me. Once again the kids loved throwing rocks in, and it was fun to just watch the cousins together.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We were able to FINALLY make it up to my parents “cabin in the woods” (its not really a cabin at all, but it looks like one from the outside, and due to location…anyway, we finally made it to Wyoming. My brother was in town from Portland and they were able to make it up for the weekend too.

If you didn’t know, lily loves corn. But love is an understatement. She absolutely, positively lives and dies for the stuff. Remember last year? Well, we had a repeat this year. She even tried to save some for later, and let it hang out between her two front teeth for the rest of her meal.

Couldn’t help but do a little toenail painting while we were hanging around.

Lily and my niece Kenna

All the kids were in their zone throwing rocks into the water, and lily refused to take her life jacket off!

The boys took the little girls out in the canoe, and I actually took a ride in it too. I’m a little bit of a wuss, but you have to understand how cold that water is and how wobbly the canoe is. But I did it.
Abigail and Zoe, two weeks apart.