Friday, April 20, 2012

She's 2!!!

My baby (for 4 more days!) turns 2 today!  She requested pancakes for breakfast, which was a given for her!

This little silly is so sweet and hilarious!  She's also a little bit of a smarty pants too!  She's talking waaaay too much for her age, and it's hilarious to watch her facial expressions when she tells you a story.  
We love you Zoe!  Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Years Old

My baby, so proud to be 4 years old.
She had a party at school, Zoe and I snuck in to watch the festivities.
We had a family dinner with my family and had a mass party for Lily, Carter and Millie. Then, on Lily's actual birthday Buz's family came over for cake and ice cream. Then, because you can't have too many parties (but you really can, we did!) we had her little girlfriends over for a tea party...
I haven't taken her to the doctor yet, so I don't know her stats, but she's definitely growing. Taller that is. Still needs to grow a waist!
Lily's smart. A little too smart. She outwits us all too often, but I'm glad she's got the brains to do it.
The other day she was singing a song they learn in school to help them remember what sound each letter of the alphabet makes. She said, "Mom, listen this is funny. 'I know z says z z z, I know y says ya ya ya, I know x says...'" I couldn't keep up to figure out if she was singing the alphabet backwards in correct order, but she was! Little smarty pants :)
Lily is sooo excited to have her baby brother come into our family any day now, and she's prepped me with all of her duties, like taking him out of his crib, handing him to Zoe, bathing him...
uh oh.
I'm so grateful for this little spunky girl in my life, I wouldn't take her any other way.
Love you Luce. Happy Birthday.