Friday, September 24, 2010

A Reunion in Midway

We were so lucky to get to spend Labor Day Weekend up in Midway at the Homestead. My Grandma hosted my entire extended family, and we had about 50 people come. We were only missing a cousin, my brother and his family, and another cousin's daughters who ended up sick. Pretty good turn out. And it was so fun to see so many people I haven't seen in a while.
Lily and Ewan. These two were inseparable, and Ewan was pretty territorial of Lily! So fun to watch these two play.
Sunday we all went over to Park City and rode the Alpine Slide. I think my sister has a pic of me and Lily coming down the slide, I need to get that from her! Lily loved the airplane too!
Cute Leroy
Lily and Me
Ashlee and Julia
Max and Mary
Blake, Claudia and Zoe
Will, Bonnie and Buz
Danny, Rob, Richard and John
Steven and Kelly
Ann-recreating an image of a cruise we once went on. Need to scan that in...
Richard, Cecily and Glenn
David and Becky
Jerry, Nancy, Thompson, Sarah
Christena and Kate
Most of the great grandkids there
Mitch, Lily, Carter, Wes, Leroy, James, Kate
Leroy's got a serious talent!
Me and Zoe
Our last night we spent just playing games. Max, Mary, Wes and Bonnie tried their hand at a little Sorry!!
Intense--Becky and John at Backgammon.
Sorry I didn't take more pictures. Our second night we played Minute to Win It and had a blast. I'm sure someone else took pictures, but I don't know who! Thanks everyone for coming, see you all in a couple of years!