Friday, July 24, 2009

messy faces

We've been going swimming with our friends Fallon and London this summer. We have lots of fun! Lily and London decided powdered sugar is good for more than just a sweet treat!
Lily LOVES chocolate!

i'm trying

i'm really behind on my posting. sorry. but i'm not a scrapbooker at this point in my life, so this is how i'm keeping track.
we spent the 4th of july weekend up in star valley, wyoming at my parents' cabin. we missed fireworks, but the thunder and lightening was more entertaining to us all! we played lots of cards, worked on some serious crafting projects (quiet books if you're wondering) and just relaxed!
lily went on her first official 4 wheeler ride with grandma and grandpa. she really did enjoy it, she just wouldn't smile for the camera.
this is what happened when grandpa set her on the ground. told you she liked it. the only way to appease her was to let her sit on the 4 wheeler again!
the get-up. last year my mom and i came across these little boots at a store "in town." (that's the big exciting thing to do in wyoming--go "in town"!!)
seriously, what can i say??? (and it's a hand me down-gotta love 'em!)
we discovered a new passion lily has for corn on the cob. really, what kid gets this excited over corn?
blowing bubbles with her cousin kenna (i was 12 when kenna was born, and kenna was 12 when lily was born...time flies!!!)
she loves the swing! thanks for playing kenna!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Really Do Live In Utah

We were lucky enough to spend the last two weeks of
June hanging out in Southern California. We drove to St. George and spent the night, then got up early the next morning to head to L.A. We didn't take into consideration the time change and just how quick the drive it would be. We ended up hitting Rancho Cucamonga around 9:45 and weren't planning on getting to L.A. until 2 or 3! (They're only an hour or so away!) So we stopped at Victoria Gardens, a wonderful shopping plaza, and Lily got to work! She LOVES fountains! We also got to see Lindsey and Macy who don't live too far away. We ate lunch and shopped around for a little bit, and then were on our way.
While in L.A., my aunt suggested that we visit the Getty. We both enjoy museums, and the architecture was AMAZING!!! They had an impressionist exhibit, and I got to see another of Monet's Water Lily collection. That's a big deal to me! We didn't stay long, Lily doesn't really love walking around in quiet places with nothing interesting (to her) to look at!
Then we drove down the coast and walked along the boardwalk at Venice Beach! CULTURE SHOCK!!! I know I live in this little bubble between the mountains, but I don't think anyone can be quite thoroughly prepared for the interesting sights there. We were trying to find something to eat that looked somewhat sanitary, and we came upon this little dive. It's called Whalers. YUM!!! We sat in the bottom level, but were were open to the beach. All the walls had large windows, but the glass was taken out, so the breeze just came in.
We had to be a little touristy, neither of us had ever really done this fun stuff.
Have you heard of this place? Sprinkles........take me there! Apparently it's the rage in L.A. Just this tiny little cupcake shop right on Santa Monica Blvd. and Rodeo Dr. Each cupcake was $3.50 and worth EVERY PENNY!!! I've heard they're starting to sell the mix at Williams Sonoma. I haven't looked into it, but if they do, I highly recommend!
Our anniversary happened to be the second night we were there. My aunt and uncle took us to Duke's right on the beach in Malibu. We had to die for fish (how can you're on the coast?) and the view was amazing. The waves would hit the rocks and splash onto the windows. It was great. Thanks!!!
The next day we drove to Long Beach where another aunt and uncle live. We were treated to the Long Beach Aquarium, and Lily was soo brave. She practically wanted to jump right in to touch the rays.
They have a little bird exhibit and the birds will just hop right onto your hands and climb on you. This is my cousin Glenn showing off his bird likability.
And Buz. I graciously offered to take pictures, as much as I really wanted to touch the birds!! (ok, not really)
That night my aunt and uncle offered to stay home with Lily and we went out on the Pier. We walked to the very end to Ruby's diner and had shakes and fries. Then we got a little goofy. Glenn and I danced on the pier. (Buz and Bron were too embarassed...I say they're wusses.)
Then, before we headed out from there, my uncle (in blue) took Lily and Buz for a ride in his Triumph. Lily liked it a lot, and thought she'd take it for a spin too!
Then we were off to a week long stay in Solana Beach (just north of San Diego) with Buz's family. We had lots of much needed beach time. Lily loved both the sand and the waves.
We visited Balboa Park, and Lily went on her first carni rides. She had lots of fun on the train with her Daddy.
And she loved the carousal. She wanted to be strapped to the small one, and wouldn't let me hold on to her. It was a faster than normal ride, so she was a little woozy by the end, and sat on my lap for the last few turns.
We took lots of morning walks on the beach. That's the best!
And she had her first go at boogie boarding. Of course she loved it. She's our little thrill seeker!
The two little girlies, just hanging out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Better Late...

...or maybe I just feel bad that I skipped over this VERY important thing that happened in our family. Buz graduated at the end of May with a Masters in Accounting from the University of Utah!!! He has worked sooo hard, and we're definitely enjoying our break between school and work and CPA study courses.
Love you!