Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas time has come and gone

this year was our first shot at a charlie brown tree. we're sold. not that we're against full trees, but everyone should try it. they're so sparkly.
lily really got in to the decorating. good thing my ornaments are plastic.
we got to see santa at a family friend's home. lily was so enthralled by it all. mrs. clause told us if we wore our hats we would magically know the words to every song. here's lily waiting for the revelation.
zoe did pretty well on santa's lap. she asked for new binki's.
lily of course wouldn't sit on his lap, she would only stand by him. and not without mom. she asked for a hippopotamus pillow pet.
good morning! the traditional stair picture.
there's no need to try for a decent picture. it's early, they're excited. let's get the show on the road mom!
santa brought the girls this great kitchen that both girls have loved. ok, zoe really loves sucking on the various food and dishes, but that counts!
zoe sat screaming on the couch all morning!
oh, so cute;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the one

Merry And Bright Christmas Card
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fly for free

ok, not an airline deal, but shutterfly is offering 50 free christmas cards!
every year as the holidays approach i wonder what i can do for christmas cards. i mean what i can afford for christmas cards. it's no secret that the economy is down, we're young moms trying to figure out finances for an ever growing family with ever growing needs (and appetites!). so, who wouldn't want to jump on the chance to share their family's smiling faces through shutterfly's gorgeous card designs?!!
this year i'm looking forward to their selection of good old christmas cards. some years i choose a "happy holidays" or "seasons greetings," ( but not this year. i don't really know why, but i guess i just want people to know i celebrate christmas. i celebrate christ, his birth, and all he's done for me.
shutterfly has a great selection in the christmas specific department, ( which, amazingly enough, is harder and harder to find each year. so thanks, shutterfly, for giving me just what i wanted this year. merry christmas!!!
p.s., still wondering what to get your parents? who wouldn't love this idea to remind you where you're at in the yearly grind?!