Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Chriffas!

On Christmas Eve we went to Buz's parent's house and opened presents there. It was a great and yummy way to kick off the Christmas hoopla!
Christmas morning. Can you tell Lily was sleeping, or more like tossing and turning, in our bed all night? We think she's finally getting over this nasty cold.
A little later, cleaned up and showing off her new sweater and skinny jeans!
And of course, her true love, the dancing Santa!
Merry Chriffas one and all!
Buz got me a Flip video camera, so I'm testing out this video post thing for the first time. Sorry if it doesn't work, I'll work on it!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


We were lucky enough to get to see Santa and Mrs. Clause at our brother-in-law's mother's house. Lily thought it was fun to shake her bells as we sang Christmas songs, but she wasn't so sure about sitting on Santa's lap. Mommy had to help. Don't mind the baby bump taking up half my lap!
We thought this was hilarious...Lily's cousin Beckett went in for a smooch, and Buz snapped the camera at the exact right (or maybe wrong!) moment!
Staring at Santa, still making up her mind.
We also got to play with Lily's friend London for a day. These two are so cute together, it was so fun to listen to them talk to each other all day! Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lay Off!!!

we're sick. me and lily. stuffy and sneezing and fevers and no sleeping (the no sleeping is caused by lily. i would be sleeping fine otherwise!) we've done some fun things this last week, and we're soooo excited for christmas, but you've just got to give me some time to feel well enough to function and get some batteries for my camera (we've been borrowing the remote control batteries to take pictures-sad since wal-mart is a 5 minute walk away) so i can upload my pictures. sorry!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Deadly Catch

Love this show
This fishing boat was on the show. So what, you ask?
Well, we went searching for a Christmas tree on Saturday. I had read about a Christmas tree farm down in Alpine where you can cut your own down. This is how we always did it growing up in the east/mid-west, so I begged Buz to go down with me. So we did. Basically, all the trees looked like this.
So, we headed home and stopped by the trusty corner lot. Now, the lot on 9000 S and State is no shabby lot. We got a tree there two years ago and really liked it. We started looking around, and got a feel for what they had to offer us. We finally found what we thought would fit best in our house. We went and got one of the guys to take it down for us, and we got to talking. Back to the first picture, turns out the guy who owns this tree lot also owns The Lucky Lady, which was on the first season of the Deadliest Catch! Apparently you have to be burley to fish and to sell Christmas trees! That's what the guy told us.
Here's the best part...they brought king crab legs and Alaskan halibut with them and are selling them at the lot too! We were going to pick some up last night but due to the weather we bailed. Hopefully Buz will stop by on his way home from work. YUM!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


we went to our 20 week ultrasound and got to say hi!......
to our new baby girl!!!!
while we were watching the screen, she waved at us a few times. it was so cute! now on with the great debate for a name, so far we both like totally different names!